3 Keys to Success That No One Talks About

You often hear the usual advice about attaining success. It goes something like this: "Be assertive. Work hard. Work smart. Don't be too proud. Eventually you will come out the other side and be successful and retire by the young age of 55." We have some advice that is different. 

1. Taking Risks Can Elevate You

It is so easy to drift along with society and believe that you must follow a proven career path.

But just think about all the leaders of our time who did not finish school. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zucks himself...the list goes on. 

These pioneers did not live within society's norms. They outpaced and outsmarted the standard ideas. You see, there is nothing wrong with following the "safe" career path in life. But achieving great feats can often involve risk.

Are you willing to risk your place in society (temporarily) for higher rewards?

2. You Can Achieve Lasting Success Within 1-3 Years

You heard it right. If you research your craft, work hard, and apply consistent (this is key) action every day or nearly every day, then you can accomplish tremendous feats within months.

Now we won't sugar-coat things. You will need to make many mistakes along the way to find your success. But you don't have to spend 5-10 years wandering in the "lonesome deserts of difficult marketing" or the lost lands of "real estate sales efforts" to get results.

If you are going to have a life change....if you are going to is perhaps most likely to come within 1-3 years of consistent action, not 5-10.

3. Don't Bounce Around

Those who chase the next shiny object will be relegated to leaving it for the "next next" shiny object. If you buy a business course, then make your money back on it before switching methods.

Now don't get me may have chosen the wrong online business strategy to begin with. But once you find one that is legitimate and that has worked for people, then batten down the hatches and master it.

Remember when I said that if you are to succeed, it will most likely occur within 1-3 years?

Well if you keep bouncing around, then you will be in limbo for 5-10 years going from one new strategy to the next. You could have spent ALL that time on just one strategy mastering it within 3 years' time.

This is why we recommend you research the business that is right for you for 1-2 months, then lock it down once you've found it.

Bouncy balls never reach destinations. Freight trains do.

So again to recap:

1. Taking Risks Can Elevate You

2. You Can Achieve Lasting Success Within 1-3 Years

3. Don't Bounce Around

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